The Ballad of Ethan Alien

In a dystopian future where music, art and creativity have been outlawed, a ragtag group of Vermonters rally together to resist a fascist dictator... and discover that we are all aliens to someone.

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The Ballad of Ethan Alien is a 75-minute film, featuring the music of Western Terrestrials and other Vermont Artists.  The film combines elements of science fiction, music, and Vermont history, resulting in a piece of Art that is uniquely “Vermont”, but highlights concepts which will resonate well beyond our state’s borders, such as inclusivity, collective action, diversity, anti-racism and the importance of artistic expression.


With appearance from Vermont notables such as Ben and Jerry, Kiah Morris, Christine Hallquist, Luis Guzman, Jen Kimmich, and Rusty “The Logger” DeWees, the film creates a cinematic experience truly embodies the spirit of Hadestown, Bread and Puppet, Phish, Grace Potter, Fred Tuttle, and the rich tradition of Vermont weirdness and off-kilter art.


Filmed in entirety during the pandemic, the final product features the work of more than 75 Vermont-based film and music production professionals, performers, artists, and creatives, many of whom have struggled to find work during the pandemic. In additional to giving meaningful work and purposeful outlet to a host of Vermont artists, the film will be a first professional credit for many of the talented young people involved.        


The project has received favorable press from press from Seven DaysNECNT.A. Talk of the TownBFP Art's SceneSeven Days Sound BytesWCAX, and VT Digger.