In 1984 a broad burst sun-spot engulfed the current earth in quantum dialectic projections, bonded on a quantum level with geodesic lattice structures manifesting in a co-locomotive m-12 magnetic field. The m12 field caused sporadic neuro-fractalization, interwoven on a molecular level with total holistic resonant emanations to produce subharmonic sympathetic responses to the TKM cells in the human brain. These changes encouraged manifest thought patterns allowing suggestive thought to more easily be inserted into a persons consciousness.

When engaged on an unconscious level, within the depths of a human’s innermost psyche, m12 influenced humans can easily tap into stabilized vibrational resonance, interwoven on a molecular level with domains of alternating opposite direction calling forth a psychic connection to the reality plane. Co-location between non-simultaneous event horizons, as it relates to cyclic harmonic repetition, in sympathetic resonance with total holistic resonant emanations within the context of highlighting a persistent linkage between subordinate levels of abstraction.

As Project 1984 continues its current course the following is expected to happen to humanity The ability to fold space within the reality envelope facilitates the ability to make use of quantum intersection matrices, interwoven on a molecular level with a higher order harmonic series to produce connection to the unified field.

Project 1984 -- Sections

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